May 21, 2012

Boho Loving at the Office

This is what I love about working (interning) for advertising. You get to be free and wear anything you like! The advertising agency I'm working for right now is just a small one and they encourage us to wear anything we want, even shorts (which is a big no-no for other agencies)! While I have yet to try donning my daisy dukes at the office, I do try to be fun and free with the outfits I choose to wear.

I'm just seriously in love with tribal and aztec prints right now! Hence the look I have on here with my aztec print leggings and braided leather headband. Feeling sick here though so I didn't dress up too wild so I only had a plain white shirt on and my dependable huge-ass gray sweater (it's so cold in the office!).

Think the look works? :)



  1. Cute headband!


  2. i love that headband deary! where did you buy it? and that tribal pants too! :)

    Please keep in touch. I wanna have a blogger bud. :)


  3. hi Mutzii! thank you! i just got the headband from a thrift store. the tribal leggings are from Terranova. :)