May 21, 2012

Candy Style Awards 2012: A CC's POV

So here’s my take on the Candy Style Awards as a Candy Correspondent. Was assigned again by Ms. Macy (our Web Editor) to interview celebrities for 5-in-5 along with my fellow CC, Mai Arcano but this time, we didn’t have a permanent media station so pahirapan kami to find a place to interview the celebs.
At first, I was just alone with our cameraman kuya Marco since Mai would be arriving late. We stationed ourselves by the media wall at the entrance but we got flooded by all the other media personnel and we were blocking the entrance to the tent so eventually, we went outside and just interviewed celebs at the photo wall by the red carpet.
Got to interview Sarah Lahbati, Alden Richards (who made beso to me after I interviewed him!), Lauren Young, Patricia Prieto, Camille Co, and Tricia Gosingtian who even told me that I was cute! :)
I’m just really sad that this just might be the last event I cover as a CC. T’was a fun year working at Candy. ;)

Me with my partner for the night and fellow CC, Mai Arcano

Paparazzi shot of me by my co-intern's friend (who interns for Summit Media) interviewing Lauren Young

Interviewing my style icon, Camille Co

With our legit CC IDs. L-R: Me, Caitlin, and Mai

This has been your Candy Correspondent Mae, over and out ;)


  1. I admire you so much for being able to do a lot of things at a young age. COC and CC have always been a part of things that I want to do, but I always end up not joining for the lack of initiative and time management. Keep it up! ;)

    1. hi ate cla! i dunno if you know me personally, but you're my senior at UST. :D thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words! :) congrats on graduating and don't worry, the right job offer will come to you. good luck ate! :)