May 21, 2012

Wild Candy

Like I mentioned in my 1st post, this wasn't the outfit that I was planning to wear for the Candy Style Awards but due to the sudden pouring of rain, I had to make last-minute scrap and redo my look for the event.

Headband from Saizen, Glasses from Love Loca, Crop Sweater from Topshop, Harem Pants from Tomato, and Shoes from  Asian Vogue

So my inspiration for this outfit was animal prints turned girly and feminine. Every part of this look has something connected to animals on it, except for the shoes. I was getting a whole lot of funny looks from my bunny headband but I think it just makes the outfit the right kind of quirky and sweet.

From the moment I arrived at the venue, all the girls in line where giving me funny looks, especially since I cut in line and made my way straight to the entrance(perks of being a CC!). Then inside, some of the celebrities already there where smiling at me and I was hearing comments from managers like, "Pwedeng talent 'to o." :)) It was even funny because I was asked by an intern at (where I freelance as a Correspondent) to have my photo taken for an article.

But I guess the best part was when I was asked by some Candy girls there to have my photo taken with them. Feeling celebrity ako that night. Thank you thank you thank you for all the Candy girls there who complimented me on my outfit. Such a nice feeling to be recognized by others. :)

Oh and wait for my feature in Candy Magazine coming out in a few months! ;)

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